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The 2023 Jersey Horse of the Year Show 

September 6th to 11th and September 14th to 17th 2023 The Jersey Horse of the Year Show (JHOYS) will bring together the whole equestrian community with ten days of competing across five disciplines. Hosted by Home Farm Equestrian (HFE) we at Zingela Club are proud to support this opportunity for those who have a passion for the Horse and for riding to showcase the best of Jersey Equestrianism.

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The Programme

September 6th to 8th

At its most basic level, dressage is about knowing how to control a horse and how to steer it in any direction.
At the highest level, it's about using the power, elegance and impeccable training of the horse to execute complex movements as required by the test or choreographed to music.
Riders will compete from an Introductory level up to Advanced Medium where movements and tests become more complicated as they rise through the levels

September 9th
In Hand Showing

Requiring the Horse or Pony to be led (in hand) rather than ridden

Classes for all types and ages of horse or pony including specific breed judging.

September 9th
Working Hunter

Riders are required to jump a course of rustic fences. There are 100 marks to win of which 60% is split between Jumping and Style with the remaining 40 marks being awarded for Ride and Conformation.

September 10th
Ridden Showing

In Ridden classes the Judge will assess the suitability of the animal to carry out its proposed duties whether that be a well balanced Hunter to follow a pack of Hounds over long distances whereas a riding Pony should have impeccable manners and conformation to safely enable a child to participate in a range riding activities.

September 11th

The Jersey Horse Driving Society is coming together with JHOYS to bring a World Cup Event to the public eye.

At JHOYS you will see competitors take part in a World Cup Event overwhere teams navigate what is a gruelling obstacle course for the handlers, not only remembering where they are going but also at speed!

A truly exciting event to watch

September 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th
Show Jumping

Show Jumping requires athleticism, control and accuracy from both horse and rider over a set course of fences.

Verticles, Spreads, Double and/orTriple combinations with a variety of turns and direction changes.

Exciting stuff!

Home Farm

La Rue es Abbés, St Mary, JE3 4EB, Jersey
Email: info@jhoys.co.uk