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Increased Footfall

We want to increase your footfall, revenue and exposure to the consumer market. We do that by offering exclusive rewards and packages to our members from Club Partner businesses. If your reward is imaginative, our members will step through your door. The more exclusive or exciting the reward the louder the feet become!

Targeted marketing

Brand awareness is a costly exercise and we all need to stand out from the crowd where we can. The more consumers that see your ‘shopfront’ and products the easier it is to attain success. Being a Zingela Club Partner will open the door to every one of our members, club partners and corporate groups who will all see your brand highlighting your name.

Wider Consumer Reach

Consumers favour differing forms of advertising when they are looking for a product or service and blanket marketing is an expensive option which is why we are FREE. Marketing your services to Zingela Club members will spread your business across all our social media outlets without increasing your budget at all. So when someone looks at us they see you too!

General Rewards

The most important consideration is that the more exclusive your reward is the more likely you are to attract a larger footfall to your business. Thinking outside the box will encourage our members to spread the word about your business. We will have some ideas of our own too so don’t worry, if you’re not sure what reward or package to offer we can help.

Exclusive Events

Zingela Club events are exclusive to our members and always tailored to suit Club Partner businesses so we can discuss an event that best suits you either indoors or outdoors using our Zingela Club gazebo. We can combine up to three Club Partners at one event who compliment but never compete with each other so your business exposure is tripled.

Flash Sale

If you have a product you specifically wish to promote or a new range arriving, we can assist with a Flash Sale campaign to run for a short period of time designed to ‘hit the spot’ quickly. This can run alongside your existing rewards or as a standalone offering but either way the enhanced exposure will spotlight your business.

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