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It's very simple to become a Zingela Club Partner. No purchase necessary by you. No contract to sign. No QR codes to scan. No hassle.

Just provide us with an exclusive reward such as an attractive discount, experience, one-time offer, try before you buy, flash sale ... you get the picture. The more imaginative your reward, the more it will attract an increased footfall to your business.

All you need to do is provide us with the reward details (photo, brief description and your company logo). We can even write the reward content for you. You can list as many exclusive rewards as you like and we will upload them to our website and app. Simple!

here's how rewards are redeemed

A member displays your reward on their phone so you know which one they want to redeem. You tap the button, or ask them to, and that's it! You honour the saving and everyone's happy.

targeted marketing

Consumers favour differing forms of advertising when they are looking for a product or service. Blanket marketing is an expensive option. Promoting your business to Zingela Club members, for free, targets a consumer that wants to spend but for a little less. The only cost to you is what you want to give away.

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