Strictly. Singles. Only.

Becoming single can happen to us all and if it does, it can be difficult to ‘get back out there’. For most, the obvious or only deemed choice is to sign up to a dating app. But what if you’re not ready to hit the dating scene and just want to socialise and meet new people?

We at Zingela Club believe we have the answer - Zingles

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Rule 3

A Zingle is a Zingela Club member who happens to find themselves single. Zingles gatherings provide an opportunity for single Club members to meet like minded people in a fun and relaxed environment, without the pressure of ‘dating’.

Imagine as a single person, walking into a room where 20 or 30 people are socialising together. It can be quite un-nerving to feel like you’re the only single person in the room.

Now imagine the same scenario except this time everyone in the room is single. No pressure, no stigma, just socialising with people who have something in common with you - and maybe, just maybe you might meet someone special.

That’s the attraction of a Zingles gathering.

*You must have an active Monthly or Annual membership to attend a Zingles gathering.