Free. Monthly. Annual.

We hope you've had a good look around and like what you see. Now you just need to decide which plan to go for.
Download our app for free to your iphone or Android and sign up to one of three rewarding membership plans.

Option 1

30 day free trial
(why would you not?)

Option 2

£5 per month
(30 days)

Option 3

£50 per annum
(365 days)

Of course the 30 Day Free Trial is a no brainer, but it does have restrictions*.

To become a member we only require your First name, Last name and your preferred email address so we can send you an activation email.

Once you have activated a plan the redeem button will be activated on all rewards so you can show it to the vendor, waitress, manager, you get the idea. They tap the redeem button and the saving is activated.

They apply the reward and you pay them directly. We don't get involved with any purchase you make.

And that's not all. You'll also be able to register for events plus you'll be automatically entered into our free monthly prize draw.

So it's over to you. We hope to see you soon.

*The free trial does not allow user automatic entry into the prize draw nor does it allow entry to Z.I.P. or Zingles events. In-app purchase required. T&Cs apply.