Take the step and get started

Step 1: You supply us with a spreadsheet of staff and directors.
Step 2: We provide a membership number for each of them.
Step 3: They download the Zingela Club App on iPhone or Android and ‘Link’ their membership. Step 4: They display their membership card via the app when they spend with any of our Club Partners.

More than just great savings

The Zingela Club staff reward scheme is a great way to reward your staff with more than just a simple way to save money. Each staff member has a chance of winning any of our monthly prize draws with automatic entry, including the bumper Christmas Advent Calendar which has 24 prizes to win. And have access to several thousand pounds worth of savings each year.

Social gatherings and events

We will attend quarterly meetings to discuss how Zingela Club can bring you more Club Partner rewards tailored specifically and exclusively for your business in some cases. We will bring you event ideas for your staff days out, summer and Christmas parties, departmental challenges or we can be guided by you and arrange something exciting and exclusive with our Club Partners.

Well-being and engagement

The importance of Employee Engagement & Wellbeing has never been as important as it is now. With ‘Working from Home’ the current new norm, it can be challenging for employees to feel connected to their employer and engaged with their colleagues and management. Well-being is an important topic of conversation for employers these days, and the data driven Zingela Club staff rewards platform adds fun and shows your staff that as an employer, you care!

Available in other jurisdictions

It is not uncommon these days for businesses to have office representation in many Jurisdictions. So we are able to duplicate your staff reward initiative for all your overseas branches at the same time. Your staff, regardless of home base can use their Zingela Club membership in any of your jurisdictions with the same ease. Business trips away can also benefit from savings.

Your own branded card

Your company branding will appear on every staff membership card, adding to the exclusivity and identity of your business. This will highlight you as a business to our Club Partners and might even encourage more exclusive rewards just for you! Your staff will be engaged, loyal and smiling while they save money, win prizes and socialise at exclusive events. Pursue the Good Life with Zingela Club.

Become A Corporate Partner

Having a Staff Reward scheme powered by Zingela Club (or 'us') will give you peace of mind that every one of your staff is enjoying an effective, up to date rewards platform that won't cost you the valuable time and energy it will take to run it yourselves.

You might not have one in place yet, but have been thinking about how best to get one started. Well we have an ideal, hassle free solution that will get you started on your journey.

As you have read above, Zingela Club is the easiest solution to overcome the time constraints that surround forming your own staff loyalty scheme, and provides a tailormade platform specifically for you, your business and your staff.

To learn more, please get in touch with our team at info@zingela.club and we will answer any questions you may have to help you get started.